Towards Scalable and Efficient Software-defined Networking for Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IoT) is a ubiquitous network of interconnected objects that harvest information from the environments, interact with the physical world, and use existing Internet infrastructure to provide services for information transfer, analytics, and applications. IoTs have enabled a wide range of emerging applications, such as smart home, smart logistics, intelligent transportation, remote health care, and precision agriculture. Despite its great advantages, the practical deployment of IoTs is facing fundamental challenges including (1) utilizing limited network resources to serve an enormous number of devices, (2) realizing scalable network management for heterogeneous devices and applications, and (3) receiving seamless networking and computing services with high device mobility.

The objective of this research is to concurrently address these important challenges by systematically exploiting the software-defined networking to achieve scalable and efficient communication, computing, and application management for Internet of Things.





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