Nanonetworking: a New Frontier in Communications


Nanotechnology involves the development of functional systems at atomic, molecular and macromolecular levels, in a range between one and a few hundred nanometers. Current investigations are aimed at providing detailed understanding of the unique properties that nanomaterials exhibit at the nanoscale. This technology gives us the possibility to create taylored materials through atomic manipulation. If we know the atom's properties, we can organize them in a way that give us materials with special conditions that do not necessary exist in the nature.

One of the areas where nanotechnology holds the most significant promise is the area of networks. The main idea behind nanonetworks and nanocommunications has been initiated from the on-chip communication for electronic circuit design research (Network-On-Chip). However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of a brand new networking paradigm.

This project is focused on nanonetworks as a response to the necessity to study the technical issues related to the intersection of nanotechnology and biology with computer science, electrical engineering and information and communication theory. Nanonetworks will allow nanomachines to communicate.

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