The BWN Lab Researcher of the Year Award is given to a lab member who demonstrates outstanding research achievements throughout the year.

The winner receives a PLAQUE and a conference trip.

BWN Lab Researcher of the Year Award
2015 Shih-Chun Lin
2014 Youssef Chahibi
2014 A. Ozan Bicen
2013 David M. Gutierrez Estevez
2012 Pu Wang
2011 Massimiliano Pierobon
2010 Josep Miquel Jornet
2009 Zhi Sun
2008 Won-Yeol Lee
2007 Kaushik Roy Chowdhury
2006 Mehmet Can Vuran
2005 Dario Pompili
2004 Tommaso Melodia
2003 Ozgur B. Akan
2002 Caterina Scoglio
2001Eylem Ekici
2000Wenye Wang

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