Enrico Natalizio

Ph.D. Student- Visiting Researcher

Broadband and Wireless Networking Laboratory 

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Georgia Institute of Technology , Atlanta, GA


E-mail: enrico@ece.gatech.edu



Enrico Natalizio was born in Cosenza, Italy, in 1976. He received his "Laurea" (Dr. Eng.) degree in Computer Engineering in May 2001, magna cum laude, from the UniversitÓ della Calabria, Italy, with a thesis titled “Resources Allocation of a Multitier Cellular System in a Urban Scenario”.


From July 2001 up to June 2002 he won a scholarship by CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni), to work on a project on “Cellular Techniques for Multitier Systems with Etherogeneous Traffic Sources”.


Since November 2002 he has been a Telecommunication Ph.D. candidate at the UniversitÓ della Calabria, Italy.


Enrico Natalizio’s current research topics are: Mobility and Handover Management in Wireless Networks, Micromobility Protocols, Integration of Etherogeneous Networks.


A. Iera, A. Molinaro, E. Natalizio, S. Marano, “Call management based on the mobile terminal-peak velocity: virtues and limitations in a two-tier cellular system”, Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on  ,Volume: 52 , Issue: 4 , July 2003
Pages:794 – 813

P. Pace, G. Aloi, F. De Rango, E. Natalizio, A. Molinaro, S. Marano, “An integrated satellite-HAP-terrestrial system architecture: resources allocation and traffic management issues”, Vehicular Technology Conference, 2004. VTC 2004-Spring. 2004 IEEE 59th,Volume: 5 , 17-19 May 2004, Pages:2872 - 2875 Vol.5

E. Natalizio, A. Molinaro, S. Marano, “Reducing packet loss in hierarchical mobile IPV6”, Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, 2004. PIMRC 2004. 15th IEEE International Symposium on  ,Volume: 3 , 5-8 Sept. 2004, Pages:1876 - 1880 Vol.3

E. Natalizio, A. Scicchitano, S. Marano, “Mobility Anchor Point Selection Based on User Mobility in HMIPv6 Integrated with Fast Handover Mechanism”, IEEE Wireless and Communications and Networking Conference, March 2005.

E. Natalizio, A. Molinaro, S. Marano, “Packet Scheduling Algorithsm for Providing QoS on UMTS Downlink Shared Channels”, IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference Fall, September 2005.


Advisor at BWN LAB: Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz
Broadband and Wireless Networking Lab

Advisor at Culture LAB: Prof. S. Marano
Calabria University Laboratory on TelecommUnication Research and Engineering

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