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Claudia Cormio
Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory,

Centergy One,

75 5th Street,

Room 5158,

Atlanta, GA –30318.

Tel : 404-894-6616

Claudia Cormio was born in Terlizzi (BA) on 16 January 1982. She received, with honours, the MS Degree in Electronic Engineering (Telecommunication field) from Politecnico di Bari (BA - Italy) in March 2006 .
From October 2005 to February 2006 she collaborated with the Planetek Italia Company in Bari for the thesis titled "Tracking informations using UDP Protocol over GPRS Channel".
In May 2006, she joined the Telematics Lab, Politecnico di Bari, where she is pursuing her PhD.
Currently, she is a visiting researcher at the Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory (BWN-Lab) at Georgia Institute of Technology.
Her current research interests include MAC protocols in Cognitive Radio Wireless Networks and reliable Common Control Channel management in Cognitive Radio Wireless ad Hoc Networks.

A list of publications by C. Cormio is provided in the following:
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